An increasingly popular trend in funeral arrangements is the prepaid funeral service. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to take charge of your funeral. Being able to pay for your funeral enables you to manage your preferences or wishes even in death. If you are living in Adelaide, check out below the little-known facts about Signature Funeral Service, the very best prepaid funerals Adelaide has to offer!

1 –    A funeral plan does not necessarily affect your assets.

Buying a funeral plan could be seen as depriving yourself of your assets. This is actually not true as most local authorities do not consider the implications of the plans in your assets unless it was excessively lavish. Local authorities view funeral services as reasonable expenditure.

2 –    A funeral plan has no effect on inheritance tax.

If you decide to purchase a plan from Signature funeral service, those close to you can enjoy, at the very least, the most comforting prepaid funerals Adelaide can provide with no effect on the inheritance tax charged on your estate. Inheritance tax is normally calculated after funeral deductions are made on your estate. This ensures peace of mind for your loved ones as no extra costs are incurred by your estate, as far as inheritance tax is concerned.

Prepaid Funerals Adelaide3 –    Your family members are still involved in every aspect of your funeral.

It is a common misconception that getting a funeral plan means leaving all your funeral arrangements to someone not close to you. This is far from the truth. Funeral directors are only charged with financing the funeral process according to the plan you procured. It is the sole responsibility of the relatives of the deceased to plan and organize the wedding according to traditions, customs as well as instruction of the deceased.

4 –    Funeral plans are specific.

The main purpose of funeral plans is to provide you with an appropriate send-off while minimizing the financial stresses that funerals bring. This provides some sort of emotional consolation for the persons affected by your death. However, it is important to know that funeral plans may come with some extra costs, although these costs may be very slight. For example, if death occurs abroad or a certain distance away from the area you have registered, then there may be additional costs in transporting the remains to the registered home area.

Another catch that is specific to a funeral plan is, the plan is only paid out when a minimum amount of monthly payments is made. This goes a long way in making sure the funeral service can effectively afford the desired funeral. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage as so many people exceed the minimal number of monthly payments.

Nobody wants to deal with death, but eventually, we all have to. In as much as funerals are difficult to handle emotionally, they can be even more stressful financially. That is why the emerging trend is the prepaid funeral service. If you are a resident of Adelaide, you can check out Signature Funeral Services for the very best prepaid funerals Adelaide has at the moment.


4 Little Known Facts About Prepaid Funeral Services