Advantages of Hard Money Loans to Borrowers

If you need quick cash and you cannot meet the requirements that conventional lenders set, then you can consider hard money loan as an option. As a starting point, you can approach reliable companies that provide hard money loans in your area. For instance, in Los Angeles, you can approach Evoque Hard Money in Los Angeles for appropriate advice and possible assistance.

What are hard money loans?

In theory, hard money refers to giving cash directly to a borrower for no definite purpose, such as cash advances on credit cards. However, when lenders talk about hard money loans, it often refers to loans given to borrowers, using their residential properties as collateral. Hard money loans come with various advantages to both the lender and the borrower. If you are a borrower, here are various ways in which you benefit.

The cash is readily available

Just as the name suggests, hard money loans are available to borrowers in real cash—for any purpose. In conventional loans from commercial banks, the borrower is restricted to use the loan towards a specific project, for example, buying a home. In hard money loans, the borrower can use the cash for a variety of purposes, as outlined below:

Bridging loan – if you are selling your home in one location and buying a home in another community, you can take a bridging loan in form of hard money. The loan gives you quick cash to buy the house before you sell yours.

Business loan – if your goal is to start and new business or expand an existing enterprise, you can approach a reliable lender for hard money loan. For example, in California, you can approach certified lender such as Evoque Hard Money in Los Angeles. Business loans are difficult to obtain from conventional lenders, especially if you have fewer assets to present as collateral.

Home improvement loans – while they are not the same as equity loans, they both involve the house as a collateral. However, hard money loans are easier to obtain.

Faster processing

From application stage to closing, the process is faster for hard money loans compared to other lending sources.

Hard money loans are available on short term

Most conventional loans can extend for up to 36 months or more. In hard money lending, the loan period is contracted to one or two months. For borrowers that do not want to commit to long-term repayments, this is quite advantageous.

Hard money loans do not require credit history

It is common with commercial banks and other financial institutions to check credit history of borrowers first before lending. This often makes many borrowers left out if they have limping credit history. For hard loans, borrowers are able to obtain their loans even with poor credit history. Even if lenders check the credit history of a borrower, they are often after other issues such as criminal offences.

Since the loan is backed by secure collateral, which is the house of the borrower, the credit history is less pressing on the part of the borrower. For more information about Evoque Hard Money in Los Angeles, visit

4 Good Reasons to Investing on a Coin Dispenser for Your Business

Does your business accept change as payment? When this is the usual mode of monetary exchange in your shop then you extremely need a coin dispenser.

Surely, you have spent hours just counting every single coin by hand. At the end of the day, you feel spent and exhausted from counting loose change one by one.

That’s not the only problem though. The time you have wasted on counting, and re-counting after missing count, could have been more productive. Consequently, manual tallying is time-consuming and plain boring.

If you run Laundromats, amusement parks, banks, car washes, or retail stores, you will find machine counters as a great investment. Aside from speeding up the process, this will literally make your life easier.

If you want to know how the coin dispenser in Australia can help you and your business. You must read through.


To simply put, these machines count loose change. They categorise denominations making it swift and effortless. It is incredibly fast – even faster than your quickest employee. So this is highly effective in saving valuable work hours.

You just separate the coins and put them on the counter for it to work. Once finishes counting, you will find the total displayed in its mini-screen. You can add more similar denominations if you like. After that, you can dump these coins into a bag and resume counting on the coin dispenser.

When you and your staff are not busy counting coins in the back office, you can use the extra time you have more valuable responsibilities like attending customers and even cleaning up at closing time.


Counting coins manually is both cumbersome and difficult to do with high accuracy. It is inevitable to commit errors and easy to lose track especially if you are tallying huge volumes of money.

However, do remember that your employees are just human. They are bound to make mistakes but recounting can add an extra 20 minutes of work time.

So investing on the coin dispenser Australia has been offering, will be a valuable addition. With this machine, you will be sure that the total output is reported accurately.


Aside from losing productive hours from work, human error can also cost you money. Miscounting even a few cents might turn out to be significant when occurring regularly.

However, automatic counters can save you money by guaranteeing you 99.9 percent accuracy. Hence, you do not have to worry about losing money when you have these amazing contraptions.


You do not have to worry about losing money from internal theft as well. Although you expect that all employees will be honest, there will always be one bad apple in the bunch.

By investing in a coin dispenser, you are making a loss prevention strategy, which will help you in protecting your business from incurring huge losses. Dishonest workers will find it hard to slip out money even when no one is looking.

Lastly, machine counters are made to simply keep your hands clean. Since loose change is passed on from person to person, this accumulates grime, filth, and dirt in the long run. Consequently, these may cause the transmission of germs and bacteria, making your employees sick and losing more business income eventually.

So for cash handling solutions, check out the best Coin Dispenser Australia has to offer such as Abacus Cash Systems. Visit

Consequences of Showing Debt Collectors Contempt

Consequences of Showing Debt Collectors Contempt

Anyone may be a debtor at some point in life. This implies that some people would be sent to collect the debt when you fail to pay it within the agreed period. The truth is that seeing debt collectors in your house or business premise, or receiving several calls from them can be irritating. Ignoring debt collectors doesn’t eliminate your debt. What one should do when unable to pay the debt is look for other friendlier alternatives such as getting advice on how stop all legal action the creditor may be taking against you. But if you avoid or ignore the debt collector, you may face the following consequences.