World-Class SEO Comes to Phnom Penh

Cambodia hasn’t always been a country for internet startups. In fact, the ecommerce landscape has been quite dreary. Some of the few launches in the past few years have flopped or are struggling to stay afloat. The first major truly ecommerce portal in Cambodia has been the Maio Mall which was launched by World Bridge International, the Cambodian conglomerate in early 2015. Rocket Internet has also re-entered in the Cambodian market with Kaymu, an online marketplace for various lifestyle items. Of course avid female Cambodian online shoppers will remember the beauty and cosmetics website Roserb which was launched in 2014. So this has been here and there with no significant movements towards a robust ecommerce ecosystem. But things have been changing in 2015 and there is some good momentum that spells a good outlook for Cambodian online market beyond just the listings websites. One company that has also entered the Cambodian online market is the global online marketing company, Ardor Content, was founded by Australian globetrotter Kris Reid.

The company is entering the Cambodian market just at the right time as the country’s ecommerce picks steam in order to play catch-up with some of its neighbors that have pretty advanced ecommerce presence and startup ecosystem. Ardor content will be specializing in search engine optimization in order to help Cambodian companies in enhancing their online visibility and reaching to more customers both within and outside Cambodia.

SEO or search engine optimization refers to methodologies and techniques which are used in order to improve the visibility of websites. The higher a website is able to rank for particular keywords or keyword phrases, the more easily it can be found by the global market looking for certain products and services. When it is being seen, people will visit your website more and when they fund these products and services compelling enough, they might decide to make purchases. It is a technique that has been used with a great deal of success in some of the more advanced economies such as the US, Australia, UAE, Canada, UK, the Netherlands amongst others in order to create online shopfronts and take products to the eyes of customers.

The Cambodia SEO with Ardor will enable Cambodian companies to dominate and protect their local online space but also compete in the foreign global online markets where buyers are simply looking for quality products and services irrespective of geographical location. Phnom Penh’s Ardor SEO represents the first step to truly professionalize Cambodian SEO and take Cambodian companies global through powerful and effective SEO. Check out for some detail on SEO in Phnom Penh by Ardor.

According to McKinsey, Cambodia has the second-fastest growing economy in the region and that means more buyers are going to have be shopping online in the next few years. For Cambodian businesses and global businesses planning to invest in the small South East Asian nation, investing in professional SEO early enough represents the best opportunity to dominate and zone in a market niche in readiness for Cambodia’s great online takeoff.

Ardor Content has been providing professional SEO for the past six years. It has a vast experience in the South East Asia’s online market having been based in the Philippines and served clients in Asia over that duration of time. The company has now set shop in Phnom Penh and the company’s CEO, Kris Reid, an old hand in the SEO business, is aiming at bringing this traditional of excellence into the Cambodian online market.

The services can be used by a vast array of Cambodian businesses including hotels, apartment rental companies, tour companies, technology companies, nonprofits and other diverse businesses active in the Cambodian economy. For additional information, check out

Different Facets involved in Ladies’ Workwear

Different Facets involved in Ladies’ Workwear

Ladies workwear is a selection that is designed for working women. Mostly, focus is given to the feminine cut, quality of the tailoring and attention to details. Delightful fabrics are selected to co-ordinate and provide versatility important for a personal approach to ladies workwear. All the ladies workwear can be mixed and matched, which are handy in a variety of colors and fabrics. The assortment is considered value for money as emphasis on high-quality fabrics and details are employed and the price is reasonable.

Company clothing policy

An organization has a legal responsibility to give work wear that is required to safeguard the safety of a product or the staff. This is attained through buying from reputable suppliers through some kind of call-off agreement. The objectives of the company clothing policy include:

  • Enhance perceptions of a company by customers through developing an image that passes the necessary message.
  • In some situations, the policy contributes to staff’s benefits package in cases of low-paid-workers.
  • Improved internal connections. This may indicate that a uniform is a part of an approach created to remove obstacles, enhance internal communication and level hierarchies in an organization.
  • The policy forms an important part of brand awareness.

Specification and design

When purchasing the ladies work wear, there is a need for detailed specification and design. This is prepared by involving the input of:

  • Safety representatives
  • The marketing function
  • Users of the clothing

Details are required in various areas such as safety considerations, employee considerations as well as the corporate image.

Considerations in ladies work wear

Organizations should be considerate to their employee’s opinions on the fitness-for-function and safety of the proposed clothing. Considerations in ladies work wear comprise of the following:

  • The length of skirt that is appropriate, which needs sensitive discussions. In this case the design must be appropriate for the employee across a wide range of age.
  • It is important to provide the staff with limited aspect of choice in their clothing to maintain a standard cost.
  • Sometimes colors may be a problem. In some nations, specific colors have cultural and political association. Also, some color combinations may be favorable to some skin types and not others.
  • Provision of a ‘trouser’ as an alternative to skirt or dress as well as ‘long-sleeve’. This may be necessary because of certain religious norms or issues with some employees such as presence of a scar, birthmarks, inappropriate tattoos or some not willing to disclose legs and arms.
  • Special clothing for employees during pregnancy.
  • In some situations policies on head gears may need to consider some religious beliefs.
  • Corporate uniform conveys a message about an organization and its values and attitudes. Therefore, the uniform portrays a lot about the kind of employees that a company is seeking and will maintain. So it is important to maintain the value of the company with the message being passed on to the customers.

All in all, regular contact with the users should be maintained to make sure that the uniform is performing the anticipated function. In addition, the contact will assist to identify any challenges encountered and resolve them. Moreover, consultations with the wearers will gather customers’ feedback from the staff.

What to Expect From Your Divorce Attorneys

What to Expect From Your Divorce Attorneys

At some point, marriages get on the problems and the only one option available to end the trouble is to separate in a divorce. A divorce is an unpleasant time and can increase stress levels and it’s remarkably difficult to get rid of emotion from the process. Unfortunately, the divorce cases can get really nasty, even with those who have agreed that this is the only best solution, which is the reason why it’s imperative to get an attorney who can help you deal with a divorce Murfreesboro TN has, someone to help you get through this though process with a better resolution.

The divorce attorneys in Nashville will be there for you, he or she will be sympathetic to the circumstances at hand and aid you identify the available options for a resolution. An expert attorney who deals with divorce Murfreesboro TN has knows the steps in this sort of process in the country where you live, and this means they can easily go through the process with you, providing a realistic case assessment on what one will expect.

The hard thing to agree on as couples going through the process is who will get what and child custody is one of the fights in many settlements. Whether the couples have already discussed on anything, the paperwork must be drawn up or checked thoroughly by the lawyer before one puts pen to paper to sign. See Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Your attorneys should be there to answer all the questions. Before visiting the lawyer’s office, write down some of the questions you have. It’s important to have a pen and paper as you think of the questions write them down. As mentioned above, this is an emotional experience and it is easy to forget some of the questions you need answered when meeting the lawyer. Having the questions written down means one can have all of them answered, and even want to write the answers to go through anytime when feeling more relaxed.

With best divorce attorney Mt Juliet TN has, you are guaranteed to get the best advice on the best options available to take regarding the case. They can as well recommend a number of other resolution options, like mediation or arbitration if one is ready to come to any compromise. This will help you make an agreement where a good solution is reached on and the divorce case can go forward and be finished in the shortest time possible.

The best divorce attorneys Mt Juliet TN has will be responsible in protecting anyone’s best interests as well as ensuring  there is a good resolution, without going away hopeless. When one has spent his or her life with somebody and built a family together, and where both parties build up assets that must be shared, the expert will help both parties as well get some assets to keep going.

Your attorney will go through the assets you both have and prepare custody orders. It is important that you keep in mind that a divorce can be difficult for kids, so never drag them into the matter.  And, when you are looking for the best expert to handle your divorce Murfreesboro TN has today, ensure that the one you choose will accompany you to court hearings if they will take place.

Available Sydney Funeral Directors

Sydney has become home to many people from all over the world. In a country that loves and welcomes new people, it has become home to diverse religions and unique cultures. This explains why the people bid farewell to their loved ones in their different ways. Many strive to ensure that the occasion meets just how their traditions demand back at home. The whole process brings in an even complicated planning period. The residents just need someone to look up to all these. Thus, there are Sydney Funeral directors who strive to offer the best services for the funeral arrangements and requirements for not only Sydney but also nearby regions.



Aware of the varied funeral requirements for the diverse cultures prominent in the residents, the team of the funeral directors has highly experienced and super-efficient directors. They endeavor to choose and plan the necessary funeral service for the loved one/family member. They know very well that losing the loved one is a very painful experience and ensure that all the ceremonies, traditions and rituals are performed without any hassles. The team assists the family with the display of photos and memorabilia of the achievements of the deceased, writing the memorials and other details such as the viewing period and visitation by friends and acquaintances.

The charges for the services offered are affordable and negotiable. The payments can also be partly arranged even after the funeral service is over. The team stands out as reliable for funeral arrangements and helps in planning with less costs and expenses.

Services offered by the funeral directors

The Sydney funeral directors provide the following funeral services to the family of the deceased member:

1.      Pre-planning of funerals. The team offers to help with pre-planning the family funerals which enables them to save money, stress and time. The hassle of rushing and planning at the last minute is thus avoided greatly. The family is, therefore, able to arrange the final rites in a special way to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the loved one deceased.

2.      Planning the funeral service. The team will arrange for medical certificates and liaise with the hospital. They will transfer the deceased from the death location to their funeral home. They will help in getting necessary documentations, clergy, clothing, coffin, candles, cards, flowers and photos and any other needs, including refreshments, if required.  The Sydney funeral directors will arrange for the procession of the body from the funeral home. The viewing period, the visitation by friends and relatives and religious service during the funeral hour are also arranged by them. They can also document the event upon the wish of the family.

3.      After funeral services. The bereavement period is one hell of a period after the funeral service. Thus, the team ensures the family receives support therein. They stay available all week long and have contacts within reach at any hour of the day, and sometimes even late at night.

Overall, one can say that the funeral directors in Sydney continue to grow with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.