Ladies workwear is a selection that is designed for working women. Mostly, focus is given to the feminine cut, quality of the tailoring and attention to details. Delightful fabrics are selected to co-ordinate and provide versatility important for a personal approach to ladies workwear. All the ladies workwear can be mixed and matched, which are handy in a variety of colors and fabrics. The assortment is considered value for money as emphasis on high-quality fabrics and details are employed and the price is reasonable.

Company clothing policy

An organization has a legal responsibility to give work wear that is required to safeguard the safety of a product or the staff. This is attained through buying from reputable suppliers through some kind of call-off agreement. The objectives of the company clothing policy include:

  • Enhance perceptions of a company by customers through developing an image that passes the necessary message.
  • In some situations, the policy contributes to staff’s benefits package in cases of low-paid-workers.
  • Improved internal connections. This may indicate that a uniform is a part of an approach created to remove obstacles, enhance internal communication and level hierarchies in an organization.
  • The policy forms an important part of brand awareness.

Specification and design

When purchasing the ladies work wear, there is a need for detailed specification and design. This is prepared by involving the input of:

  • Safety representatives
  • The marketing function
  • Users of the clothing

Details are required in various areas such as safety considerations, employee considerations as well as the corporate image.

Considerations in ladies work wear

Organizations should be considerate to their employee’s opinions on the fitness-for-function and safety of the proposed clothing. Considerations in ladies work wear comprise of the following:

  • The length of skirt that is appropriate, which needs sensitive discussions. In this case the design must be appropriate for the employee across a wide range of age.
  • It is important to provide the staff with limited aspect of choice in their clothing to maintain a standard cost.
  • Sometimes colors may be a problem. In some nations, specific colors have cultural and political association. Also, some color combinations may be favorable to some skin types and not others.
  • Provision of a ‘trouser’ as an alternative to skirt or dress as well as ‘long-sleeve’. This may be necessary because of certain religious norms or issues with some employees such as presence of a scar, birthmarks, inappropriate tattoos or some not willing to disclose legs and arms.
  • Special clothing for employees during pregnancy.
  • In some situations policies on head gears may need to consider some religious beliefs.
  • Corporate uniform conveys a message about an organization and its values and attitudes. Therefore, the uniform portrays a lot about the kind of employees that a company is seeking and will maintain. So it is important to maintain the value of the company with the message being passed on to the customers.

All in all, regular contact with the users should be maintained to make sure that the uniform is performing the anticipated function. In addition, the contact will assist to identify any challenges encountered and resolve them. Moreover, consultations with the wearers will gather customers’ feedback from the staff.

Different Facets involved in Ladies’ Workwear