Spillage of toxic materials, chemicals, oxidizing agents and such other materials can cause serious impact on your health, and it can also affect the environment. Many times, the spillage can be fatal also. The chemical spill can happen either at the site or due to unscientific storage or during transportation.  According to a paper published by the University of Manitora, major spills apart from causing serious effects on the health can also cause fire hazards.

chemical spill

Importance of spill kits:

The chemical spill at the site can be prevented by strictly adhering to the safety norms. However, the spillage during storage and transportation can be effectively prevented by using suitable spill kits. These kits are regarded as counter measures to prevent chemical spillage.

Types of spill kits:

The spill kits are generally grouped into two; namely small kits and large kits. The small spill kits replicate litter kits, and such kits normally contain only absorbent bags. Small kits are generally used to wipe a minor chemical spill. The material used in wiping the spill is collected in this type of spill kit.

Kits exclusively designed:

Apart from this, there are exclusive spill kits to store or transport hazardous chemicals, inflammable articles and other toxic materials. These are larger kits, which are available in different designs and sizes. There are spill kits exclusively designed for storing certain types of hazardous chemicals. Therefore, before you buy spill kits, you must ensure the kit is suitable for the type of chemical that you want to store.

Immediate access:

There could also be instances of chemical spillage caused due to malfunction of some equipment or due to some accident. In such cases, you should have immediate access to spill equipment, including spill kits so that you can take up instantaneous cleaning up operations. In order to meet such exigencies, you should be able to have immediate access to the spill kit.

Unique labeling of kits:

That means you must keep the spill at a convenient location, and the kit must be easily identifiable. Here comes the importance of Hazchem spill kit. As a matter of fact, Hazchem is a unique method of labeling used while transporting hazardous chemicals or such other materials.

Exclusively colored kits:

For purposes of easy recognition, the Hazchem kits are normally painted in bright yellow or blue color.  They are normally available in sizes varying from 50 liters to 400 liters. The kits are made of exclusively designed plastic. The spill kit is provided with contaminated waste bag and absorbent broom. The manufacturers also provide a pair of gloves along with the spill kit.

Secured locking mechanism:

The spill kit is provided with a lid along with a secured locking mechanism so that you can securely close the lid. The spill kit is provided with an exclusively designed label. You should write on the label details about the type of chemicals stored in the kit, and the date when the chemicals were stored.  You may also write special instructions, if any, for transporting or storing the chemical.

Periodical review:

The spill kit plays a vital role not only in preventing chemical spillage but also in environment protection. You should take a periodical review or inspection of the chemicals stored in the kit. During the review, you should check the seal to ensure there are no leakages of chemicals from the spill kit.

The kits that save you from the dangers of chemical spillage

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