Do you have second thoughts about buying a brand new glass handling equipment? Do you have people suggesting that you should buy a refurbished one? When considering between spending more for a new one or save money, there are a few things that you must think about.

It has been an age-old dilemma whether which is more worth it. Well, this would initially depend on the make and model of the machine you will be getting. Although, neither of these options is a bad investment. You still have to think things through before settling for a product. The following will somehow get you to a final verdict.

Consider the manufacturer’s longevity

When buying glass handling equipment, you have to consider the supplier or manufacturer first. Have they been in the industry for a long time? Do they have a good reputation among their clients? Have there been any complaints or legal action taken against them?

These questions should help you consider which one to buy. Between the used and new equipment, which one is going to need more maintenance? Furthermore, you have to project into the future whether the company will stand the test of time. Remember, you would be needing their repair and maintenance services, as well as spare parts such as additional suction cups.

It will be a tremendous problem if you buy a machine from a company that’s already closing.

Consider the warranties

Not all used glass handling equipment have its warranty still in place. So if you are really leaning towards buying a used machine, you have to check this out. Which is why brand new machines are far better than getting an old contraption. You may get to save a few dollars initially, but the costs on maintenance and repairs may accumulate eventually.

Consider the functionality

Before buying a used machine, you have to check its history as well. This is important so that you can evaluate whether it is still good for use. Do not take an equipment that doesn’t have this document. This is just a huge risk to take.

However, when you buy a new one. You will have all the latest technology on the market. Oftentimes, new equipment will have:

  • The ability to perform multiple tasks compared to a single old contraption
  • Have better precision rates and higher speed
  • Have more automated features, which potentially lowers costs for labour
  • Improves workplace safety and reduces health risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Have available warranties and repair parts such as glass suction cups

When considering whether to buy a new or used machine. You have to take in all of these other aspects. Do not just focus on how much money you will save. Doing this will only lead to dire consequences. You do not want to risk the lives of your employees nor risk your company’s reputation.

When you need heavy duty machines for construction and engineering tasks. A newer equipment is far superior compared to a refurbished one. On the other hand, if you are looking for hoisting equipment specialists, check out suppliers like Millsom for your equipment needs.

Used vs. New Glass Handling Equipment: Which One Should You Buy?